The German A2 student is expected to have passed the A1 Level. The difficulty of the course increases as compared to A1. The A2 level German Language Coaching offered at the institute enables the candidates to improve their understanding of the German Grammar, German Vocabulary, and expressions. The German Language Classes are offered in the most effective way to enable the students to grasp the complex grammatic structures of the sentences. After the A2 level German Language classes Candidates should be able to freely describe their background education, immediate surroundings and other things associated with daily needs in a simple way.

By the end of this course the one will be able to:

  • Listen and process information from short and clear messages and announcements.
  • Read information on advertisements, menus as well as understand personal letters.
  • Speak on routine tasks, use series of tasks to convey both personal and professional life.
  • Write short and simple notes, texts and even a personal letter to a relative or friend.